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Prva njuška među Medvjedima


Abu Shime Ayaba became the top dog of Croatian Cosmopolitan! 

We often affectionately called him our bear, so he decided to become the ambassador of Croatian ice hockey team Medveščak, also nicknamed The Bears. Shime briefly became their pet, too. On the photo he is accompanying Saša Martinovic, very successful Croatian professional ice hockey player born in Germany, who currently plays for KHL Medveščak of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).

Shime navija za medvjede!!!

I tako je postao prva njuška Cosmopolitana...

Gore navedeni Shime nije lik s konzerve sardina nego pas, zapravo, prava psina s punim imenom i prezimenom Abu Shime Ayaba. A kako danas psima nije sigurno šetati šumom, Shime je kao partnera za šetnju izabrao - medvjeda. Točnije, hokejaša Medveščaka Sašu Martinovića (29). Sigurno je sigurno jer Šime je ipak naša maza. A malo i Sašina, barem nakratko :-) Foto: Goran Matijasec

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Sokol in the journal 'My Planet'

Chidy Ayaba:  Fly Like a Hawk

I will never forget the moment I first saw a Ridgeback. I went to third grade and even then I knew it would be a Rhodesian Ridgeback my first and only dog -
writes Jurica Lacic in a story about his dog Chidy Ayaba aka Sokol (Hawk)..

Wish I could fly like a hawk
just soar above earth
gliding smooth
no noise
observing all
madness below


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Dikeledi Ayaba new TOP MODEL


Cana started her modeling career, when she was 5 months old.
She was published in national canine magazin in slovenia Moj Pes with her new Big Brother Cubo and ofspring of our dogs Aisha Ayaba.

Cana lives in kennel KHOISAN and she is trained in RR School in Slovenia with trainer Tomislav.

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Abu Ayaba – Top winning Rhodesian Ridgeback in Croatia

Our lovely boy Abu (Shime) Ayaba achieved remarkable results.


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Parange Ayaba: Sea of love?

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