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In June 2009 we have organized the first specialized school for Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Slovenia. We had got an idea for specialized school after we organized two day seminar for owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. It has came to my attention that all had very similar problems with their dogs. Problem was in the lack of communication and contact between an owner and a dog. They were all schooled and leaded in the wrong way, for Rhodesian Ridgebacks to function properly it is not enough to be nice with him and give him cookies.

That is how our first school days began. Now our schooling goes on for the second year, and more and more RR are joining our way of work. School takes place two times a week. We work on the training ground as well as in the city (urban places).

In the summer of 2010 we plan to start training some of these dogs for sport trails, blood trails…




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