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Some news, pice of lifestyle and lots of puppy kisses

I know it's been a long time – too long – since we've updated our site ... except for some additions about puppies and club shows in recent months.

A lot has happened in the last 6-7 months, since puppies were born and are growing nicely. While Chivas and Bakira rock the ring on really big European exhibitions, other members of Ayaba family did not rest.


Ghalib (Rio) Ayaba is incredibly easy win CAC four times in four exhibitions, where he was, and became Croatian Champion at the age of only 18 months. In the meantime, he adopted a cat, a rabbit and became addicted to stuffed toys. Since his young owner Dorja went to United States, he learned to talk on Skype and counts the days until she returns. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

Photo by Dorja

His sister Ghali also achieved many victories, and she is getting better and better in the show ring. So far, she won 3 x CAC, 2x RCAC, 2 x RCACIB, 2 X BOB and 2nd place in group VI. and she needs only one CAC to the completion of the Croatian championship. In the meantime, she is playing with the kids and enjoying with her lovely family.

Photo by Jan Coppens


Puppies from the F-litter now have three years and now we can see how lovely they are.

Fayola (Senna) Ayaba with his owner Julia won the open class at our club show, and Fabayo (Rio) Ayaba on the Croatian and Slovenian Club Show received nice RCAC both times. Femi (Kira) Ayaba is always in action with his half-brother Ben. She grew up in the beautiful girl i became the guardian of the little Tonko.  And Bono (Fulani Ayaba), Bono is the sweetest dog in the universe and all adore him. Affectionate, cheerful and endlessly loyal to his Peter and Tina.

Fayola (Senna) Ayaba (Photo by Jan Coppens) Fayola (Senna) Ayaba (Photo by Jan Coppens)
Fabayo (Rio) Ayaba (Photo by Primoz Cigler) Fabayo (Rio) Ayaba (Photo by Primoz Cigler)
Femi (Kira) Ayaba and Ekevu (Ben) Ayaba
Fulani (Bono) Ayaba


Dalili Ayaba considers that shows are annoying although she has a nice placement every time. Since she became agility queen she is eager to have some action.

And last, but perhaps most important is that Dawamu Ayo Ayaba finished Slovenian championship after he was best male in city of Koper (Slovenia) and successfully passed the German breeding exam that was very demanding. It's nice to see him living so happily surrounded by his loving family. Julia, Tomislav and small Lea are giving him everything, spiced with so much love.

Photo by Thomas Rausch

I-litter - puppies: Two puppies still available!

The boys from the last litter are giving their best to play as much as they can in these last sunny days.  They like to play so, so much, and there is no greater joy for them when their brothers and sisters come to visit them.

They look simply fantastic with a nice firm heads, full muzzles and the perfect body structure.

One has white paws and therefore scheduled for the pet. He is extremely mild nature, a true sportsman who makes us smile all the day, very nicely built and has noble head.

Another puppy has a remarkable exhibition potential. Apart from the perfect body construction and the ideal head proportions he has an x -factor in which his pride and fearlessness comes to expression. All of these qualities make him very desirable for dog shows. Both are waiting for their new families to make them proud and receive unconditional love from them.

The entire gallery can be seen here:

I Litter - Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Fairest of Them All

Here you can find more information or more pictures.

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